Over time, the business gained a distinguished reputation for its integrity and reliability and succeeded in standing out from the rest by the quality and the diversity of its products, its unparalleled service as well as its staff’s sophisticated know-how.

Profile and Story

Founded in 2009, Natural Stone has been constantly evolving since then while seeking to be the leader amidst the stone countertop field. Always on the look-out for innovative market trends, the company equipped itself with state-of-the-art technology.


Going strong for over 20 years in the stone industry, the owner Elie Yazbeck reinvented himself in order to give the best of himself with Natural Stone! He surrounded himself with a dynamic and capable team made out of established craftsmen as well as trustworthy professionals devoted to their work and which will do everything in their power to satisfy the most demanding clients.


Caesarstone certified manufacturer
Cosentino Loyalty Program


Environmental issues are increasingly at the centre of everyone’s daily concerns. We firmly believe that it is our duty as a corporate citizen to act responsibly and consciously as well as promoting our commitment towards our employees, our clients, our business partners, communities we serve as well as the environment. It’s mainly why we are committed to using manufacturing products and methods which respect the environment. Our practices are constantly evolving so to alleviate the impact our activities have on the environment and we’re developing emergency measures so that we’re able to efficiently and swiftly manage any situation which may have a negative impact on the environment and individuals.

During the cutting and transformation process, we use a considerable amount of water. The same water being a precious resource to our eyes, we continually strive to recover, recycle and reuse it.